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Thursday, July 21, 2011

notes from Bangalore

New city,new job,new people……

an ideal scenario for nostalgia to breed and overwhelm….

so as my first post from Bangalore,am writing what i miss about Mumbai and this is my tribute to the city of my childhood,memories and yearnings.

apart from my family and friends,these are some abstract things i miss about Mumbai.

1. i sorely miss the local trains of mumbai. though half of the time you have to fight and push to get inside,it is one of the most convenient way of transport i have ever experienced.

the past seven years,travelling in the local trains of Mumbai has been a treasure trove of experience!!

right from,shopping for everything under the sun,to helpful aunties,to tremendous fights and peaceful travel with the familiar scenery going by outside the window…….i have seen it all and enjoyed it!!

2.i miss the monsoon walk in marine drive…with the waves lashing the rocks and spraying you with tiny diamonds of seawater and the rain drizzling… is one of those moments which will inspire a cauldron of emotions in you,leaving you overwhelmed!!

3.i miss the bargain shopping i am so accustomed to….spending worthwhile hours going through trinkets and clothes and the goodnatured haggling with shopkeepers. such shopping always leaves me so satisfied!!

4.i miss the rickshaw waalas there who may not be all honest,but atleast fight decently.

5.i miss vadapav,samosapav,bhelpuri,paanipuri,paavbhaji,golas and every possible food you get on the roadside there.

these are some of the things that make up my Mumbai.

i miss the warmth of the city of my childhood,the sense of belonging and my people.

i know after a few years here,i will learn to love this city too.

but the recent blasts in Mumbai left me feeling so sad and helpless,as if i cannot do anything for my city,the city with such a rich culture and history,the city which allows people to dream and sustains it for them,the financial capital of our country,the city which has always given without limits,a city abused and used by the wrong people for wrong things,the city that makes me feel safe,a city which makes me yearn to go home to it.

signing off on that note,

nostalgic and sad…