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Sunday, March 8, 2009

and they said " we do".....

he stood waiting for her to join him and their mutual friends,at their usual joint,for their usual monthly meet.he felt the tropical evening descend on him,as keenly as the condensation trickling down the beer glass he was nursing in his hand. he stood..eyes glued to the little pathway leading to the seaside cottage..waiting for her.
she hurried up the pathway.sensing his eyes on her. she smoothed her simple,blue sundress lifted her eyes and smiled at him.
he felt the warmth of sunshine wafting along wih her smile and the cool,evening breeze.he extended his hand to escort her inside the house,where all their friends had gathered.
she easily slipped her hand into his,feeling the quiet strength in it,strength she knew would endure long into their lives,much longer than their 5 year relationship.
he felt the trust in her fragile,well shaped hand and thought how well it fitted into his,perfect match.
as she circulated around talking and catching up with old friends,she became aware of the music in the background.most of them were her favourite tracks. her eyes searched and locked into his,asking him an unspoken question.
though his eyes followed her without his knowing so,he knew the exact moment her eyes formed the question,he smiled at her enigmatically.
as she enjoyed the company and food,she realised how satisfied she was with her life. and how connected she felt with him.childhood friends and then sweethearts. when she looked at him, walking around the room,but still so very with her every thought and also in it,she felt the similar sweet pleasure flowing through her,as it did every time,she saw him.
as she flowed through the room,chatting and obviously enjoying herself,he thought of how beautiful and radiant she looked,as always for him. a fine bone structure and strong lines physically,which emphasized an enduring character strength which gave him the courage to face life cause she was with him.
as she joined him on the dance floor,dancing to one of their favourite romantic song,she felt coccooned and protected from the world. when she looked out of the window she saw the beautiful sky and the sea,when she looked at him,she saw her world.
as he held her in his arms and as they swayed gently to the music,he felt tenderness stir in him.
as he looked down at her radiant face,he saw his life in her eyes and he knew that what he held in his arms was all that he would ever need to live his life fully.
he knew that the time had come,a day he knew would come,though through their relationship they had had their fights,making up,taking space and all the things that made up a relationship.
but all through it,he always felt that his heart would always belong to his childhood playmate and teenage sweetheart,the girl who reminded him of sunny days and innocence,the lady who had taught him commitment and tenderness, the woman who had his heart and kept it safely and securely in hers.
she stood looking at the sea,one of her favourite passtimes and felt relaxed and peaceful.they had hardly talked much but still she felt fine,after all he understood her inside out,with or without words.something which stems out of sharing a childhood when people can never hide their thoughts and journeying towards adulthood,when pride and ego at times kept necessary words at bay.but at those times,their childhood bond always rescued them.
after all,she thought,who better than him, who has seen me at my worst and best,to be in a relationship with.
the breeze lifted her smile higher as she realised another of her favourite tracks being played.
she turned to rejoin the party when she saw him walking towards her,all their friends were looking at the two of them,some of them couldnot resist smiling.she couldnot believe her eyes when she spied both of their parents somewhere in the background.
he reached her,bent down on one knee,outstretched his palm where he held a jewellary box.
her heart skipped a beat for a moment.the music reached its climax.
he flicked it open,nestled in its velveteen depths was a dark ruby twinkling back at her. an amber as intense and deep as their love.she looked at the unspoken question in his eyes.
she took a step forward and sat on his outstretched,half bent leg. with her fingers,she traced a path from his hairline,down his nose till she reached his lips.she closed her that short time,her whole life flashed before her.he was there in each of her frames. she opened her eyes,tears brimmed in them and whispered,"yes."
under starstudded skies and among people who knew them and cared for them all along,he slipped the ring into her fingers.
as she threw her arms around him,he looked towards the heaven and sent a silent prayer to the forces who had led him home.
(author's note: well,this happens to me when i am high on music and on the brink of sleep. "yellow"by coldplay brought this on.and yea,i have been starving myself of M&Bs. sometimes,when you starve yourself of something,it is the only thing playing in your head.

:) )


Anonymous said...

hehe.. nice change of pace from ur daily seapony travesties.. yea, i culd sense the subdued mood.. seemingly u had jelly knees too ;) ... btw, doesnt sum1s life flash b4 their eyes jus b4 they meet their maker?? :D ;).. kk

iceprincess said...

yes does...generally b4 smethng life changing or life ceasing is abt to happen....
thanks for the first comment....

sam said...

woven with the threads of give the reader the warmth of hope.

sorry if its cheesy but thats the first thing that came into my head. :P

iceprincess said...

aaaaw sam...thank u...4 d warm words..and warmer (read between the lines..sorts)advice....

arshat.chaudhary said...

wow.. wow.. amazing post.. I am awaiting results of one of the colleges i had applied to, i was kinda tense. Now I feel relaxed. Content. Thanks for this one :)

iceprincess said...

ur always welcome.....thank u,arshat.