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Friday, April 10, 2009

stuck between inspiration and frustration.

i am at that phase in life where i seem to be facing the same question on every other corner,
"what do you want to do ?"

well,as in,what are my ambitions,my job preferences and the ultimate is the fact they want to know why i want to do it.

this question generally flashes a lot of moments of my life in front of when you are dying and your whole life flashes in front of you.i don't know about death,but generally nostalgia and anything life changing cause these flashes to happen to me.

there are so many many things i wanted or still want to background files will give you answers like,
"what do you want to do?"

"me?,i want to slay dragons."(that is warrior woman me)

"i want to write love stories that make people smile every night before they go to sleep."(the ever so romantic fool that i am)

"i want to run a horse ranch"(the cowboy rode west)

"i want to be an oceanographer.and spend the rest of my life watching the vast oceans."(the aqua fan in me.)

somehow,i either wanted to save the world or dabble in something which kept me close to nature.grand ideas,they sure are!
that brings me to the answer that persisted half my life and faded away sometime back,but still inspires me from time to time.

"i want to be an astronaut.i want to watch this beautiful planet from up it as it steals my breathe away,watch it as it inspires me to do something bigger than me."

i haven't travelled claim to fame where places are concerned is limited to the western coast of our country.but,i love reading and reconstructing places with someone else's words.
as i have mentioned in a previous article,thus,i have travelled the world and beyond.

i just have to close my eyes to feel the warm waters of the sea crashing against the rocks,to see the myriad colours of sunset and sunrise,the sparkle and fast pace of the city life and the relaxed,peaceful hum of the countryside.the beauty of the earth in its snow clad mountains or the sunny desert dunes,the grand canyons or the tumbling waterfalls,the emerald green amazonian forests or the frozen tundras.

the carefree penguins jumping of the glaciers in the Antarctic or the slithering anacondas having an afternoon nap in the drowsy rain forests,the stealth of a tiger in the Sunderbans or the humpbacks singing their songs in the mysterious depths of the oceans,the eagles roaming the free skies,all of these and many more,i could just go on and on.

i sometimes dont see why we have so many religions,the earth is a faith inspiring religion and miracle in itself.

all these wonders,natural-terrestrial,geographical,aquatic,aerial combined with what our species-homo sapiens-have created inspire awe.
yes,even we have contributed to the beauty of our planet,in the form of architecture,paintings,sculptures,poems,legends,science and technology.

then how can we stand back and watch something so beautiful and something which is very much ours be destroyed!
as a friend of mine wrote earlier about how we humans wake up only at the brink of disaster,i confess,even i am like it the exams where you will find me working like there is no tomorrow just a day before the paper.

i am like everyone else,i am busy leading my life,studying,meeting deadlines,writing exams,hanging out with friends,performing my duties and responsibilities.somewhere in between all these,i forget about my planet.because i am busy and because it isn't urgent matter.

the earth has survived before me,it will survive without me or my help too.that is my attitude.
and the irony is,as students of science we study the consequences of abusing our planet.
then why aren't we doing something about the global issues that threaten our planet-be it global warming,pollution,heatwaves,ozone depletion,etc.

to be honest i don't know what to do,whether what i do will be sufficient to save my earth. whether i have time after leading this rat race of a life for some earth saving business,but i do want to try.i do want to save my home,my beautiful planet,the inspiration of my childhood and a legacy to our future generation.

yes,i am on new territory,but i will try to do my part,learn how to stop destroying our inheritance more than it has been.

today when someone asks me what i want to do,i say,
"i want to teach.teach so that students realise the beauty of what they are learning,beauty of the miracle which creates us,and beauty of the miracle which sustains us-our planet."

i am not a rocket scientist,i am not a politician on an agenda,i am just a global citizen making a plea to my fellow citizens to take some time to think on where we are heading.


kk said...

god is ur brain rich in diversity of what to do's in life... get a life! ;) hehe... u wuld ace at being an ocean conservationist, anti global warming seaponies riots wil be ur preferrd activity, save the blue whale and its pony minions wil be ur pet study, adding the 'how to be a seapony for dummies' book to ur collection and a similarly named course for graduates shuld top ur priority list :D hahaha

iceprincess said...

smart....thank u..kk
i will save the seahorses..