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Saturday, July 4, 2009

train chronicles-where have all our Olympic stars gone?

a few days back the electric wires between two stations of the station was mine.trains were being diverted from one track to another,trains were running two hours late,the platforms and foot over bridges were looking like my wardrobe,albeit,instead of clothes being strewn around,in this case,it was my favourite species-human beings strewn around.

it was as if,people were waiting either for someone to guide them or for some inner voice to tell them what to do.they all looked so lost.
after being hustled around on a platform which would crumble any moment due to the excess weight of people on it,people on the railings on it,people on the benches on it and people on the people on it,i decided i have had enough and made my way back home,feeling really bad for myself that i had to wake up so early for no good reason.a dull drizzle just dampened my senses and spirits even more.
just as i was exiting the platform,i slowed down,like a heroine in a Bollywood flick,i turned around in slow motion and took in the view. i sucked in my breath,the massive amount of heads i could see left me staggered.
if someone terminated our species then and there,it is kind of staggering to think that annihilation of those many number of people will not cause any major difference.

my thought process started from there.
with a resource of population that should actually be other's source of envy and our source of productivity,where did we go wrong?
my mind just took up the case of Olympics.why don't we have the medals we deserve?
i shall enlighten thee,my fellow blog mates and readers.

when i run the marathon to catch my train,manage to hold on to it and get in,there are rare times when i look around and see a few fellow travellers running my race.
there,there go our best runners.running behind trains all their lives!

when i jostle and cram myself into crowded trains and get jabbed in the pit of my stomach with elbows,or clawed by nails or get black eyes(OK..exaggeration ),in between trying to save myself i rue the fact that there go our best candidates for martial arts and wrestling.

when i see fisher women and hawkers balancing their wares over their heads and still managing to hold their own so gracefully in jam packed trains,when i am always falling and tripping clumsily,i feel bad that most of them could have made us proud in balancing events,but are here selling stuff in trains were people cannot even appreciate their art,forget people,they themselves are not aware of it.

well,there you have it,these are my thoughts when i see people jumping over gutters,travelling on top of trains or squeezing their way in and out of compartments.

yes,my friends,all our Olympic stars are chasing trains,in the bid of living mundane lives and making ends meet.
with that melodramatic flourish,i sign
( because my thoughts are so profound :P)


Shanu said...

***Clap clap clap***

Super duper anjana..that was awesome!
Very well written!!

iceprincess said...

first again..i like this habit of urs....
thank u..
(bowing in front of d applauding crowd....)

blunt edges said...

just wonderin...wat balancin acts do dey hv in d olympics??? ;)

"due to the excess weight of people on it,people on the railings on it,people on the benches on it and people on the people on it"
nice line :)

truly a profound (n dramatic) piece...luved it :D

iceprincess said...

athletics and gymnastics...requires balancing...
thank u 4 d appreciation....

blunt edges said...

oh ok ok...i was thinkin more on d lines of d "lemon n spoon" event ;)

Chriz said...

we should invite abinav bindra to shoot them all down

iceprincess said...

uhh huhh..whom do u want shot?

DPhatsez said...

'Profound!' indeed!

Man i'm soooo waiting for Ice-'high'-ness to strike :D


Been busy, athu konda late! :)

iceprincess said...

better late than never...
and yeaaa...
patience is a virtue....i rate it pretty "high"....

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Applause! too good...we all do this balancing act daily :)

Let me sing in my out of tune awaaz: tumhare phiolosophy pe main vari vari, tumhari philosophy pe main vari vari. ok done!

iceprincess said...

shukriya shukriya......
(doing a mujra style bowdown)