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Saturday, May 23, 2009


[author's note: i am not good at poetry,i am horrible with rhymes,if you hang me upside down and skin me alive,still i wont be able to rhyme.but,i wanted to try my hand at poetry,not rhyming...please honestly answer if it was any good.hope you guys are able to understand my first attempt]

the ring sparkled on her finger,

her eyes scanned the endless blue skies,

the stone's glare blinded her,

she wondered whether it was worth all the fuss about.

eyes that had true heart in them looked at her with love,

guilt churned in the innermost chambers of her soul,

for how was she to tell,

that though she loved him with all her essence,

the clear blue skies,and the endless country roads beckoned her,

that at an age where the blood is young and the heart reckless,

though intuition tells her that her heart is true,her world will not understand the call of her wild,her wanderlust.

that though melting in his arms came naturally to her,waking up to her dreams is also what she craved for.

that though the world was biased to her gender,she knew the impossible is possible with passion.

her eyes glistened as she realised that she needed him to be with her,accompany her on this journey,

without being the owner of her soul,but as the person she gifted it to,

not as the one threatened by her independence and individuality ,but as the one who revels in it.

not as the one who has doubts on her credibility,but as the one who has trust on her instincts.

coz without him,the roads would be lonely and the life long.

but,she did not have the heart to give up the life she coveted and replace it with a life compromised on the grounds of just being with him,

tied in the sacred grounds of alliance,by sacrificing her true self on its altar

and forever stare longingly at the vast skies of freedom.

strange are the ways of love,

which offers you one sort in place of the other.


DPhatsez said...

Gollaam! Pakshe as a guy, I only have this to ask.
After giving you ladies still want more?

I must continue research for my book 'What women want'


iceprincess said...

thank u.
yes..we want everything...but even we r ready to give our everything...
i is kinda strange...
even i dont know what "women"want...(including myself)

Chronicwriter said...

some people do ask for more


nice one i wud say


iceprincess said...

are we talking abt the "he"or the "she"?
thank u....

sam said...

good re....its good. have i told u this b4....u have talent u should write a book. :P

iceprincess said...

thank u,
jaise bachcho ko nazar na lage..isliye kaala teekha lagate ko nazar na laghe..isliye mein poem likhoongi..

Shanu said...

Wow nice..although i cant understnd most poems..i actually understood this..and cld relate to it..Well done!! :):)

arshat.chaudhary said...

My favourite lines are these

"without being the owner of her soul,but as the person she gifted it to,

not as the one threatened by her independence and individuality ,but as the one who revels in it."

Being a guy, I know how difficult can it be for a guy to revel in his girl's independence. And it doesnt apply to the lover relationship alone. Most fathers wouldnt want their girls to grow up. It tough for guys to realise that the girl is not dependent on them. But then, that is just my point of view :)

iceprincess said...

thank u..
u cld relate to it bcoz
1.ur a girl
2. it is more like a prose than a poem...
thank u so much

iceprincess said...

thank u.
i is difficult,it is like the mom finds it diff to let her son go too.
but,i guess,fathers and mothers shld be proud that they brought up kids..who r independent...
as 4 d lovers relationship,women know what they can and cannot do....suppressing that streak wld be like killing their essence...
i know complicated..
thank u...all d same...

blunt edges said...

dont think d best of poetry came out wen d poets were hung upside down or wen dey were skinned alive ;)

iceprincess said...

that is sweet..
thank u.

varsha said...

hey Anje,no words left to praise ur new ventures in the world of bloggng.....wud never be able to justify how much I related to it....well done !!!!!

iceprincess said...

u we r interlinked and our lives ways beyond our comprehension... comes as no surprise to me that u related to this.....
thank u....

Aman said...

That was fabulous!! and u say ur not good at poetry!!

Really brought out those feeling and I simply loved the last line

//strange are the ways of love,which offers you one sort in place of the other//

Brilliant stuff...Glad to come across ur blog..this one's goign on my blogroll for sure :)

iceprincess said...

thank much..
u will be seeing me around too....