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Thursday, December 17, 2009

deja vu.

groaannn..moaaan....ughgh...grrrr...comfortably numb.....everyday for the past "god alone knows how many days"...i have been just staring at the URL of ""and not signing in..reason..i do not know..inspiration hits me in flashes and like a flash flood overwhelms me and is gone...i feel guilty..i miss my blogmates..but..i do not know..what to do...

and saviour is here...Mr.BE has rescued me and now can finally say he rescued one damsel(damn-cell?..i know..bad joke),more a wasted creature in giving me an
award...without a name...suits me..coz right now..even i am without an aim....
no wonder he is one of my favourite ppl in blogville..
shanu?shanu?kidhar hain tu?help me humour princess.....

ok...i move on to the "anamika"award and state its rules....

1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.

2) Pass on this award to 7other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.
i donot know whether i will follow all the rules,coz i am not in the mood..but will try to dish out some more truths about myself..damn!!if i manage to finish this..this blog will have 27 truths about me...this is a pain!!!
1)i love the local trains in is like a second home to me.i love cribbing about it,fighting and screaming while travelling in it,feel like a survivor every time i successfully finish a journey and finally fall all over in love with it again and again.
i love the afternoon times the most,with the sunlight filtering in through the doors,the passengers mildly in slumber land with the train's gentle rocking lullaby and a feeling of utter peace prevails over me as the train moves along the tracks.

2)i do not know whether i have mentioned this before,but i love the oceans,i wanted to be an oceanographer,even if it is just to sit and stare at the mysterious oceans.there is something so alluring about its hidden depths,promising of unseen secrets...maybe i should have been a pirate...:P

3)though i am a very "family and friends" type of person,there are times when daily,normal,social life suffocates me.moments when i crave for freedom,for anonymity,for a life where not a single soul knows me.that is why i loved the movie"into the wild"..i can see it 1001 times and never tire of.
4)i have a fetish for earrings and,metal,ornate carvings,stone,anything would do.but i do not care much for gold.yes,i know,being a malayalee,i can hear the astonished and offended gasps of fellow malayalees.but,that's the truth,i do not care for gold jewellery.
here are some pictures taken during my cousin's wedding last Sunday.those are my bangle(over)clad arms.
5)i believe there are only two ways of going about in life.two ways to live responsibly or pursue it with passion.same can be said about doing do it because it is your responsibility or you do it because it is your passion.blessed are the ones who find for people doing things because it is their responsibility and not because they want to,do not be surprised to find your eyes wandering to the distant horizons always searching for that something alluding you,that something which makes you feel complete.
writing is something i pursue with passion,it is always like giving a part of my soul.and that is the reason i never ventured to write anything for so long because they would have been sub,i actually do not care,i am writing for survival and maintenance of sanity
6)i always wanted to be a part of a rock band,the brooding,weirdo guitarist or the unsociable singer.i do not know about anything else,but i managed weird,especially where my super wild,uncivilized hair is concerned.
yes,music is another thing that touches my soul.
in a world where we try to hide behind masks,construct fortresses around our true self and are scared to show our true self for fear of vulnerability,it is nice to have things that speak to our,writing and reading top my soul communicator list.
7)i truly believe,food,sleep and a nice bathroom to shit is all you will ever require for a peaceful life.
when you eat,you will find happiness,when you sleep,you will find peace.....
and when you will achieve Nirvana.
tell me.what more does anyone want than that!!! :P

phew,i know,i have been rambling,pardon me coz..i haven't written anything for a long time......
i give this award to all those poor writers like me who have hit a block for whatever reasons.
my eternal gratitude to BE....once again...
i sign
ice-finally at peace-ness.


Shanu said...

Shaaaaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaare lekin tere 7 secrets aise awesome hain ki tereko meri jaroorat hi nahi hai:)

1)I am nt too fond of trains re..I prefer my rickwalas :P

2)I dont like the sea..I am allergic to sea water :(

3) I agree :)

4)I dont like dressing up at all.I am more of a tomboy. But ur hands are so pretty re...I am sure u got loads of attention and compliments at the weddin and not just bcoz of the hands ;)

5)Very well said babes :)

6)I love music day strts wit music and ends wit it too :)


Great way to end ur writers mountain babes..but trust me u dont need awards ya tags..ur random madness is sumthin which makes ur blog special :)


gkam said...

funny that i too am having a deja vu feeling after being back to blogging after a 2 month hiatus

1. local trains: i have same sentiments, love em hate em; cant do without em.

2. oceans... beautiful, i dream for a home opposite one

3. ditto feeling!

4. oooooohh! lovely pretty :)

7 totally agree! :D

welcome back!!

iceprincess said...

yayayaya!!!! first!!!!
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh ..i love long comments.....
thank u thank u..hope i can come up with some more randomness
and yea..everyone knows..ur the rickwaala association's biggest fan!!!!!

iceprincess said...

yea!!!!am coming over for ur seven truths..god bless BE..for giving us some stuff to write abt...
haahaa....i love d way u commente don every point...
as i said..i loooooove long i come!!!!

blunt edges said...

shit! i didn't tag gkam...n i thought i had covered most! sorry gkam! :(

back 2 iceprincess
first things first...pretty hands there lady! :D

point 7 couldn't have been more true! u defined nirvana like noones ever done before!

n loved the title of ur post...its one of my fav word :D

great post :D

iceprincess said...

yay!!!greetings to me saviour!!!
thank u...for d compliment....
as 4 point glad u agree...:P

Beauty and the BEast said...

wow!! You are definitely the first person I know who loves the train.. what I love even more is why you love it!!

iceprincess said...

thank sure...noone can deny that somewhere in their hearts...they love the trains!!!

COMMUNI said...

first time here... nice post and nice blog.

I too love trains, but of course not the crowdy ones. I love those peaceful comfy journey.
Me too a malayali and completely hate that yellow metal. For that matter i don't like any jewellery at all. About that shitting thing, I'm still laughing... ;)

iceprincess said...

glad that u liked it fellow mallu...welcome to my blog!!!!

Nipun said...

That was awesome ice princess..
Just loved the way u have jotted things down..
First time here..


iceprincess said...

thank u...

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

like shanu and BE said, your hands are very pretty aur mehendi kii toh kya kehna, badiya tha. Same pinch for liking the local trains like me...should'nt we form a 'We love trains' association? A tag nicely done...

iceprincess said...

thank u...
sure let me know..if u start such an association....

blunt edges said...


felix said...

the last one is your best point