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Monday, February 23, 2009

my first award!!!

well, we are...hardly a month into blogging..and i get my first award.....

though..i hold the person who gave me this award in very high regard...i always feel he spoils me rotten..but..i dont mind at all!!i enjoy being pampered and told that "i am good". :)

well,this award comes with a few rules and obligations to be followed and fulfilled. and to be honest this is the first award in my life which has a profanity inscribed in it...sheesh!! i cant afford to show it to my parents..:( greedy for here goes....


a. Put the image on your blog

b. List 10 truths about yourself

c. Give the award to 3 other people (i can afford only 3.)

d. Provide meaningful quotation

here is the image..with the profanity which is supposed to make me feel "faaaabbbbuuuulllooouuusss".(by d way image says "f*****g fabulous blog"-inverted)

well..for the first time...the great F feels good..(\m/)

moving on to less offensive stuff. ten truths. well,this will be fun,indeed.

1. i can live on a diet of books. i have intensive training in

a.reading superfast and still making sense of it.

b.reading superfast and shutting the sense system of my brain.

c. reading because it gives me a high(a horrible addiction which i have no intention of getting rid off)

d. reading for survival and maintenance of sanity.(this happens generally when i crave for the warmth of just seeing alphabets coming together and making words and words coming together to make sentences. pure bliss!

atleast when nothing makes sense in this world,always come back to the basics,something always does make sense )

if anyone is interested in getting trained they can contact me.

2. though most of the time i prefer people of my same wavelength or just myself as company,there are times i am a misanthropist and blindly hate human company.( i prefer dogs,cats and sparrows at this time. anything which understands silence or atleast pretends to understand.)

3.i have an alter ego of a gypsy and a vampire. as a gypsy i am a healer. as a vampire am a traveller,that is i travel between realms,all around the world,between galaxies.just about anywhere.

4.i find mud wrestling soul cleansing. well,no..that doesnot mean i aspire to be a mud wrestler(though,with recession and all,i need to have career options). it is just that,i feel good,rejuvenated and at peace when i get sweaty and dirty while gardening,building sand castles or just making plain mud ladoos.

5. i am a die hard,self proclaimed Ayn Rand fan. by this,i donot mean i follow all her principles,but if i could it would be ideal. by the way, 'Who is John Galt?'

6. i am vain to some extent as i suppose most of us are. there is only one situation where i donot care for my vanity.and that is-i donot mind swimming for hours in the sea or any pool on any given sunny afternoon. i donot mind living with the tan or sunburn.

7.abstract concepts touch me more than human emotions.. any great architecture,painting,music or book can move me to tears. it is much harder for me when faced with human contemporaries.

8. i believe U2 to be my soulband(as in soulmates,soul sisters,etc). this is based on the fact that they have a song for every mood of mine and i discover it only when i need to.

9. i love working out. there is nothing more frustration relieving than pushing your body to the limits and coming out sweaty and successful. there is nothing more stable and steady than the feel of iron rods in your hands. and there is nothing to beat the moment when you feel your muscles work beneath your fingers-one of the moments when u know the plain,primitive meaning of "being alive."

10. i would love to be a farmer and own a horse ranch. i would love a life where i am connected to the soil and my feet are firmly planted on the earth. and when i feel the need to tame the world, i would love to ride the wind on the back of my beloved horse.

i am sure,at times that i suffer from voluntary multiple personality disorder(you will find that this terminology exists only in my medical journal).

thats about all the truths about myself i could think of.

as for the 3 people whom i am going to give this award to are....(tadaaaaaa....)

1. sam sam- go pour your heart out,girl!

2.kinshuk- lets get some 'intense'truths, young man!

3. karthik- for once ,write something original,YOURSELF!

meaningful quote:

“When I die, I hope to go to Heaven, whatever the Hell that is.”

(any guesses. who wrote this?)

i guess,i have done my duty. and thanks to the person who gave me this award. he is my mentor where blogging is concerned and never a more content man walked this earth(well, he had threatened to sue me if i didnot write this).i would also like to thank "shonai"(she knows for what). and all my blogreaders[i hope noone forces you to do so.(you guys better read ..or else)]

i hope you guys enjoyed this..and never use any of my truths against me(for eg: just because i love soil doesnt mean you guys can greet me by throwing mudballs on me.or just because i am a vampire nocturnally,doesnot mean that you offer me a tumbler of blood when i come to your place.)



Anonymous said...

well anje.. 'pony' or 'seapony' or 'A1' as she is known within our covenant.. she's an overworked on 4 days a week, and ultraoverworked on the other 3- kinda gal.. a little dreamy, sweet, brainy chick who oozes of grey matter who wears a skirt on her sleeve ;) ... gypsy my foot, as long as ur concerned, ur egyptian gypsy tattooface guy on a camel or a rabbit or watever will haunt u in ur medula oblongata only hahaha... as for mudbaths, i hear they're soothing in the heat and elephants and hippos hav a blast in the indulgence.. jus a thought :D ever the sweet charming reminder of wat i pest i am or can be.. thanks anje ! ur the best... love u lots .. kk

arshat.chaudhary said...

hehehe... good job done!
The thing tht I like the most here is that I kinda knew most of the truths bout u! Man, I do know you! feels good.. :)

iceprincess said...

yeaa arshat..the perks of sharing d same zodiac....
thanks for d award...

iceprincess said...

ohh kk..u make me cry...(like those japanese cartoon kids)sprinklers in my eye rims...fountain of tears..thanks,pesky pokey pest!
u called my egyptian an ugly guy...sob sob...
wait till i ooze sme grey stuff on ur blog!