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Thursday, February 12, 2009

where in GOD's name has all the fairness in the world gone?

i love myself. well,am sure everyone loves themselves (sheepishly) and am sure everyone loves me(well,noone has told me till now,that they hate me!). jokes apart..i LOVE myself to the point of being a narcissist. but,as it seems to be a vice in me,thanks to my zodiac,my moodswings at times swings away with my narcissism and leaves me all alone without my self love(sob sob.)
and during these weak moments somethings which never ever generally bothers me become crystal clear to me and i become very sure that some conspiracy is in progress against us,WOMEN.
i base my hypothesis(soon to be accepted theory)on these facts.
1. all through our lives except during blessed childhood we are expected to deal and take care of our mane. well,to top it all,we are supposed to make it look good even if it is wild,frizzled or uncivilized. very few percent women are born with naturally pretty hair.(sighs) and we are supposed to deal with the heartbreak of seeing it fall seasonally and subject it to abuse of 1001 chemicals and pollution.
but,never once are we allowed to tonsure our heads voluntarily(no..i am not an advocate of head tonsure without the individual's permission.)whereas,guys can even get away with that.they can grow hair,they end up looking cool,they can cut it when they feel hot and sport a cleanshaven pate and still look good. why?!!?!?!?!(melodramatic flourishes)
2. PMS. well,do i need to elaborate on this? not only do we subject ourselves to this monthly torture but we also need to grin and bear the third class jokes made on it!! and..the worst is when you are really irritated about something and people attribute it to PMS! why a woman cannot be irritated because her neurons fired? not due to some hormonal short circuit!!
well,men,they really are lucky!!!
3.WAXING and THREADING!! while men can get away with body hair and claim that it looks sexy why cant women? why do we need to pour hot wax on ouselves and thread away at teeny weeny eyebrows!!why cant we also look hairily sexy?so girls,next time a guy makes fun of the shape of your brows,immerse him in hot wax and thread it away!!
4. labour pains. well,it is a great experience or so the experienced ones claim when they look at their children doing something that makes them proud. it is also painful,they claim, when we do something which doesnt make them happy!! :(
if it is so beautiful,touching and life changing i want to be bighearted and present guys too the chance to experience it.
5.let me club together the facts that guys get away with latenights,swearing and showing their finger ,much more easier than girls.
whereas it makes a guy look macho when he does these,it makes a girl look too forward and morale less and less of wife material when she does the same(these are stereotypic responses). should i add booze to the list?

well,these are few of my complaints when i feel low and sad. but to be honest,somehow it all seems ok during normal times.i does make us look prettier,so does waxing and threading. as for PMS and labour pains,between men and women,someone has to accept it,seems someone somewhere chose us. as for all others maybe someday we will have our revenge.
as i said i am too busy LOVING myself to notice the so called pitfalls.
(yea,the moood just swung back.)


Anonymous said...

yeaaa.....u go girl! n yea u forgot the way men (read bastards) look at us. i dont even want to begin on what goes on in their dirty heads......

arshat.chaudhary said...

hehehe.. coool post.. i enjpyed it.. but since i am a cancerian like you(though not as pretty) let me stand by my clan and prove to you how lucky you girls are on the same points you have mentioned! :P

1.maintaining hair eh? atleast girls dont go bald!! imagine what we guys have to go thru when we start losing our hair and pretty girls start calling us uncle!! :P

2.PMS.. hmm.. well, i dont have anything to counte that.. we have the same mood going all thru the month..

3.What? atleat you dont have to shave your jaw EVERYDAY!!

4.hmm.. about that.. we have to experience a pain similar to yours, only difference you experience it in the hospital, we do it in playgrounds.. getting a ball kicked in your nuts is painful enuf..
The problem is no one will ever know what hurts more- labour pain or gettin kicked in the nuts!! :P

5.some trad families still see guys booze, swear and stuff as a sign of poor upbringing.. but i do agree that they are harder on the girls..

One point that you forgot was this - "The world is their bathroom!"

nice post girl.. keep it up!

iceprincess said...

dear anon(i am making a guess that it is my dear sam sam),
fear not, next time we will tear those ogle mens's eyes out and play poker ........

iceprincess said...

dear arshat,
thank you...and this time too for many things, for complimenting me,(by d way am glad u aint pretty,guys arent supp to be.)
for taking the pain to clear up each and every point.
and yes,for giving me one more point against guys!
finally and the most important,its guys like you who make us believe in the future of MANkind and hence we dont give up hope on you people.

Anonymous said...

haha... i can c frm the fashion uv typed this, that uv relieved ur angst more or less.. but, seaponywony, all i can say is... would u REALLY want the differences between guys n gals dissolve?? :D .. i mean, do u REALLY wana even the fields? im not so sure ud survive in a guy's world being a gal and vice versa.. u can twist n turn this any way u wana.. but the best scenario is wats in play now... u n ur sisterhood hav ur own set of dilemmas and celebrations.. we, the brotherhood hav our own.. there isnt any point in exchanging them :D ... but, yea... the drama and unexpected results which im sure wil precede armageddon.. wil be a fun watch :D haaha.. until then... guys rule!!! ;)

iceprincess said...

for once u make sense,kk....
except..d stupid line.."guys rule" u ruin it there....