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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

twilight from my terrace.

A few days back,i had been to my building's terrace for an evening walk with my friend. we both huffed and puffed up the seven storeyed building,running the last steps with increased vigour and dashed through the door into the enveloping light of twilight.

i had read somewhere that "twilight" is actually an illusion,when the sun is just below the horizon and its light is refracted by the atmosphere.well,there never was a more beautiful illusion than this foolplay by the earth and the sun.

the nature fan that i am,i remember thinking once,how suffocating and claustrophobic it was not to have anything worthwhile to stare your time away in the city. well,after my evening in the terrace,i sure have removed that prejudice from my list.

the light evening breeze carried with it my own perfume's fragrance.i felt the day's weariness leaving me.there are these quiet,reliable mountains behind my house.the play of colour around them was such that ,as if someone has sprayed colour all above them but was scared to get too close to the outline.this gave an illusion of shimmering white followed by a myriad hues of pink. all around highrises stood tall and serious. people living their lives in each rectangle of window opened to my view. the highway at the distance creating a creek of twinkling light.

well,i wished that i was a poet,sometimes the beauty of certain things so overwhelm you that you feel you lack appropriate words,colours or abstracts to describe them,cause all of them seem to lack magic when compared to the beauty in front of you.

the shimmering stars above me seemed to be lovingly teasing my musings.sometimes i wonder whether i am the only crack in the universe who is inspired by abstract things so much that they make me mute because i am overwhelmed.somehow humans rarely do that to me.somehow almost every thing is robbed off purity and twisted where we are concerned.

the Orion which is the only constellation i can hunt down(pun intended) appeared above me.

my favourite part of the "Great Hunter"is his belt. the three stumps in the night sky cricket field.

it always takes me back to a different time, a time spent on the roof of the house,planning field positions in the night sky,hunting and pinning down stars,dreaming dreams spun with the fine thread of stardust,with the sea and her ships twinkling and standing witness at a distance.

these stars as old as our earth,as old as time itself,gazing down at our lives and as it is believed ,influencing them.

well,i always dreamed and stored my collection of them in the stars.

and i guess that is the reason i loved the movie "stardust".

people should have their fair share of fairytales. the last thing i remember before sleep overtook me was that i was smiling thinking about the movie.

the best part is how Yvanne always glows brighter when she looks at the man she loves.
(i know i sound vague,but please watch the movie.) :)

well, i felt like i had climbed Mount Everest (in the spiritual sense) as i stood there taking the world around me.

and yeah,this romantic musing ended with a call back to earth on my phone.

well,mundane life called back and i followed it.


arshat.chaudhary said...

Ah! I knew you would rock the blogosphere...

Nice post! I liked the way constellations were described..
"somehow almost every thing is robbed off purity and twisted where we are concerned." so true..

Welcome to the world of bloggers! :)
Keep writing!

iceprincess said...

thank you..arshat...for a lot more than the comment.....