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Thursday, February 5, 2009

eyes of the beholder

well..nowadays it seems i am on this trail of clues which lead me to believe in the age old saying"beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". these clues are littered...some are past memories..some are recent experiences. and as of some mechanism in me..or maybe its just the way i am formatted..the first thing is associate when i think "beauty" is "nature. i guess,people arenot surprised. :)
i am a fan of fiction,especially the fiction in which there is a whole lot of descriptive passages of countrysides.there is something about imagining and painting pictures using someone else's words and clues.and yes,thus,sitting in my house,i have travelled the world and its beautiful cities and countrysides without any visual stimuli apart from the words in front of me.
the same way i have met ,lived,laughed and cried,loved and hated ,with the creations of writers's imagination.
i always used to believe and envy all those characters who had sweeping lands,farms,horses, rivers and mountains as their immediate surroundings.somehow these people always fell in two categories-either the ones who feel suffocated in all the open vista around them. or the ones who were comfortable in its emptiness,who were peaceful in their own skins and who passionately loved their land. it was always this second class of people who attracted me.give me a book which is a weepy saga of some family over generations,include the above mentioned aspects in them.i will wholeheartedly devour the book.
when i think back now,i feel, my subconscious knew what it was searching for,when it looked for peace in a citylife.
i remember a time,one evening,trying not to fall asleep while studying for a test,i was struggling with to stay interested when my restless mind just wanted to shut the book and never see it again. outside my window,at a distance was a thin tree,with hardly a few leaves on it.but the best thing about that tree was a bat hanging upside down on it. i watched the flight of the bat a few minutes.taking an elliptical path it always used to end up on the same branch. somehow that cycle stabilised my mind,atleast enough to study something utterly non interesting to me.
there is this small window above the air conditioning unit. if you lie down and let your eyes wander to that window,you can see the sky,the floating clouds and the heaven -reaching branches of a tall tree. it is a beautiful sight,which will put a spell of peaceful sleep over you,when you find yourself exhausted in all ways,but sleep still alluding you.i have had my fair share of peaceful siestas with this lullaby rocking me.
i can go on about the huge,solid tree in front of my main window,whose neighbours are a gulmohur tree and a yellow flowering tree. need i mention the breathtaking beauty of the triad,on a sunny afternoon during the flowering season! also,you feel back in time,when the age was primitive,when you look at the way the tree's strong branches dance in the rain and wind.
well, you sure feel that the world is a peaceful place when you see the sunlight filtering through the leaves and branches of trees. well,what an illusion,indeed,peace!
today morning,while going about doing my chores,i was dumbstruck by the beauty of the pattern formed by the sun's light reflecting through the designs in my translucent curtains.

recent experiences also include the walk on my terrace. i still cannot forget the beauty of the moonlight reflecting on the tiles and the the magnified stars staring back at me.
well,after all these thoughts,i just realized,i donot need a farm or a river in my near vicinity to be inspired. i just need to look around with "not jaundiced ;not prejudiced" eyes, and maybe then,i will get exactly what i want......

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