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Friday, February 27, 2009

all in a day's work(part 1)

(this a multi series short story.
:) paradox,eh? bear with me till i finish publishing it on my blog. all of it together is too long.
and trying on the patience. hope i can build some excitement here,by dividing it into parts. so here version of a fairytale...)

The young bespectacled man climbed up the stairs to his terrace, with a flask of coffee for company, to start his work. Well, his work was star gazing; when the entire world on his side of the hemisphere slept he gazed at these twinkling beings.
Well, meet Ajay; he is a physics student at the local university finishing his masters in astrophysics. He sure wants to pursue his doctorate, but as per his passionate nature, he does not want to just do it for the sake of it. He wants to research on something new and groundbreaking. I sometimes donot understand, how I am supposed to allow these stars in the sky to help him break grounds? Hmmm..Nonetheless.he has being at this for some years now, seeking inspiration from my twinkling employees. And I feel he has also noticed something which just may be his starbreaking..eerr..Backbreaking..Sorry, groundbreaking research.

Then I guess, it is time to set certain things in motion. Certain lives are to be changed, I better start my work. let me check..hmm..yes..employee of the day is Atreyi.well well,she is the star which contains the river of glory. it is her time to go to this particular town near the sea,where certain people await certain things unknowingly, let us watch the fun, come accompany me.

Little dhruv sat saying his night prayers before going to bed. he was waiting for his mother to come and tuck him in when he saw this beautiful lady descending from the silken night sky outside his window. He ran towards the window and craned his neck out in time to see her dive into the sea.
"Dhruv,it is time for bed,sweetheart.”
“Mom,a shining lady dived into the sea from the sky.”
“yea,you just saw a shooting star,baby.”
“no,she was lady star,I swear.”
The tired mother(as it seems to be the case with humans nowadays..they just miss all the beauty around them.) hurriedly tucked her baby in the bed,kissed him goodnight and said,
“hush now,my child,you have been seeing too many fantasy movies. Now go to sleep and dream away your imagination.sleep tight,my love.”
She switched off the light.

Atreyi settled comfortably in the ocean bed. she had booked her room in the oyster suite. Lovely pearls adorned he room and she lay comfortably inside the oyster. Well,her work would start in a few hours.she as well as rest now.

The day dawned bright and clear in this medium sized coastal town with a normal population of normal people living a normal life.
today let us look into the lives of a few,what do you say,mate?


sam said...

mate, i say lets do that! cant wait for more.

Anonymous said...

dont lead me into ur fantasy star gazing fantasy thing thingie... or els, il begin wrtiting abt them shooting stars in my eggjams... and then il b a shooting star myself, rite out of my home.. but yea, reading some more wuldnt harm.. it would.. but, il tolerate. :D .. kk