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Monday, March 2, 2009

all in a day's work(part 2)

Samyukta looked out into the sea where her son and husband where playing in the water. Her daughter was busy making a sand castle. A typical day in the beach. Family time. Everyone around her enjoying themselves. She wished she could also do so. Small problems here and there. what was it about these small problems that took away her peace of mind. She hated herself for it.
She is your typical working family woman. she had to mind her house, her family and the boutique she ran near the town market. She did these pretty well too.
But you know, sometimes I like to throw challenges at my players so that they donot become complacent. My dear Sam here was worried about a design for the summer collection she was expected to put up in a week. None of the designers seem to come up with anything original. Nor could she come up with any idea herself. Nothing seemed satisfactory.
Now you see, some of these humans are pretty hard on themselves,pushing themselves and all others around them for the best. Sam was that sort too.
“hey ,Sam .come on, join us,in the water,” her husband called out.
She shook out of her problems and pulled her daughter along into the warm waters.
“whats with you,Sam? Worried about something?” her husband asked
“nothing.just the usual. The summer collection problem.forget it” she replied.
“aaahh.the designs which donot appeal to you and the designers whom you torment.” He teased back spraying her with water.
She ducked to avoid the spray and grinned. “you bet,mr.brains.any
brainwaves to help us lesser mortals out?”
“my sand castle is better than their’s .dont you think so ,daddy?” interrupted their daughter.
“yes my sweetie..”he said and pulled his daughter onto his shoulders.
Looking at sam he said,
”that just maybe your comparing sandcastles,compare designs you have never seen.. Expand your search. Ask people to freelance.maybe you may just get what you want.”
She stood in the warm waters chewing on the idea.

No one ,but a few children playing on the beach saw a shimmering lady come out of the green waters and walk towards town. Atreyi,who had begun her work,by granting her first customer her wish. A solution to her summer collection problem. As for the children who saw her, they never told anyone,they just looked at themselves and went back to playing. Well, it really seems even kids are growing up too fast nowadays,they know when their parents will believe them and when they wont.
Sad,don’t you think so?

In another part of town,Maya looked at her bills.a house wife,with two children and a husband who is an engineer,she had the usual monotonous but secure life which involved keeping the house,paying the bills,cooking meals,looking after the children’s studies and after her husband’s well being. A job which is hard but rarely appreciated and very frequently taken for granted.
But today was different. She was tired.tired of the monotony and pace her life had taken. Like many other women like her,she had kept aside tentative dreams as she stepped into matrimony. Her life thereafter was such a whirlwind that those dreams blew away with them.dreams of becoming a fashion designer But as life seems these human species have the habit of thinking back and digging out regrets which later on taunt them.
Well,today was such a day for dear Maya.
On sudden impulse she threw the bills aside and decided she would have the afternoon to indulge herself. Maybe go in for a shopping spree. Anything to do with pampering oneself. A day just for herself before her children and husband returned home.

Rambau looked at his customers. There was chaos all around him in the fish market. He owned this place. But felt very much tired and disheartened today. A fight in the morning with your better half is no way to start a day. And to be called inconsiderate was really not fair. He had spent half his life in this market,bringing up business not be called inconsiderate,only so that his family would be better off,his children could study and get away from this life. He sighed. And to top it,today the customers also seemed irritated. He really was feeling old and tired and was sick of customers who treated him less of a human just because he smelt of fish.after all he also worked hard for a living,like most of them. And these people ,no courtesy at all,not even a thanks for all the cutting ,selling and haggling he did for them.such is life,he thought and went about his work.

As Atreyi walked about town,looking like a normal pretty lady in shilmmering clothes,she tried to tune out the clamour in her head. She could hear thousands of voices,praying out for wishes. But she had only a select few to answer. That was what her job was. She tried to tune into the waves she was supposed to catch.


sam said...

i have a wish for atreyi.......want the next post tomorrow. lets see if she answers my wish... :)

iceprincess said...

aahh sam sam..i donot control the stars....

Anonymous said...

spooky name.. "atreyi" .. almost sounds like an alien crash landed on earth and some sand fell into his/her glass bubble arnd the head region.. atreyi, the cosmic wannabe reject :D .. good going.. altho its a TAD feminist! :P

iceprincess said...

:)..kk....i will try my best to be kind to men..when i feel like it...
but point taken....