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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

all in a day's work(part 3)

As Maya walked down the streets looking at the shops and their displays,she started feeling better.
Maybe I should take out more time for myself,then maybe I will feel less taken for granted and regain my esteem,she thought. How am I supposed to expect people to respect me when I myself donot do or feel so. How am I supposed to feel good?maybe I could do something creative,but what? Ohh God,help me out of this unwanted thoughts and the muckmire it creates,she pleaded.

Sam looked at the poster put up in front of her shop.
indulge your imagination, turn designer this summer.
Calling out to all wannabe dsigners,freelancers and people out to have some fun.
Design an outfit for us and get a cash award if your entry gets selected”

She hoped that this worked.she knew that there would be a lot of junk entries,but if just one out of them inspired her or gave her a starting point,maybe that would be all that she needed.

Atreyi was having a good day,apart from the people looking at her as if she was from a different galaxy. Well never mind,her plans were falling into place. There were just a few people to be helped now.

Maya couldnot believe her eyes. Just what she needed. Who cared if she won as far as she could design. She ran into the shop ,took the paper and pencils and sat down to rack her brain to dig out the designs stored in some distant time zone in her grey matter.

“I tell you ,karan, you cannot just sit here doing nothing about having no job. Work doesnt just walk into your life,you are supposed to go look for it.”
Karan looked at his mother.he was used to this.but he just wanted to enjoy life at present.who cares right now for work,he thought.this was all because of Neil next door.
Similar birthdays and birthtimes were all they shared,the similarity ended their. Whereas Neil was hardworking ,determined and smart,Karan was lazy and hoped for things to be easier in life.
Well,if he doesn’t send out the appropriate wish soon his stars would just let him down.

Sam was astonished. The afternoon had seen many townpeople coming in to have fun.
She had enjoyed too,mingling with them. But what astonished her was the design she was staring at.she had just hoped for an inspiration,but she had got the whole job done. She just loved this design,from the moment she set eyes on it. she looked for the name.
Aaahh,she thought,illusion. What a dear one at that too.she smiled and got the prize ready with an offer.

Maya couldnot contain her happiness,not only did she have some thick wads of notes in her wallet,she felt much better and happy .and she had an offer too ,to freelance from home for the offer she grabbed with both hands. She knew she could manage it with all the other work. Actually,she looked forward to it.
Enroute,she stopped at the fish market to get fish for dinner. She saw Rambau and went over and placed her order.
Rambau looked at his customer. He knew her .she was an old customer.
A harried mother of two.
Smiles seem to be brimming and overflowing from her,today.
He gave her,her order.
She gave a dazzling smile and said,”Thank you,Rambau.”
The dazzle of her smile put some fairy dust back into Rambau’s life.He smiled too and thought,maybe there is still hope for mankind. The goodlord save us all.
Maybe he should also shut down the shop early and go home for a family evening. After all,nothing was more important to him than his family.

“I told you to go look into that job opening,but no,you wouldn’t. Neil got through though,why don’t you ever listen to me…….”
He tuned out his mother’s words,yawned and went back to sleep.

Atreyi was tired after her day’s work. She had done almost everything set out for her by her boss. Except there was some frequency problem with some boy and his work related problem. Well,that was technical glitch,not her field. She slowly made her way back into the sea. Her boss alone knew,where her next tour would be,or for that matter where her colleagues had travelled. She had so much catching up to do before her next assignment.
Reaching her bed,she settled down for a short sleep before making way to the heavens.

Unknowing to her,little Dhruv looked out to the sea,hoping to see his lady star make her way back to the heavens.

Ajay looked through his telescope again and puzzled over the phenomenon he had been witnessing for the past couple of times.
Star disappearance. One night they are there,the next they aren’t, and then again they are there,only to disappear again after a while. He had heard about stars dying,but this was not the case. Well,maybe he could research on it. it seemed like an undiscovered phenomenon. He settled back for his backbreaking job.

Well,a day’s work is done,for me too. My employee is back in place,safe and sound. Ajay has his research topic,which he can try to fit into terms of physics,Maya has back her zeal for life,Samyukta’s blood pressure is back to normal,Rambau has his faith restored in mankind, &little children still believe in magic.
And yes,donot worry about Karan,his time will come too.
When his stars reach favourable positions and walk around in his life. It will take sometime. After all Atreyi has other places and people she is responsible for.
You ask me how?
well,I think you people have named it stars and planets,
my employees affect your lives.well. this is how it is.and this was just one day from the life of one star.imagine all my stars and all you people.
And the time lag between your wishes and they becoming true is because,my stars are busy,but they are not uncaring,they will take their time,but you will sure have them walking around in your lives. And that is a promise. Work hard wish well, always, you never know if your star is around.

Ohh, you ask me, who am i?
hmm..mankind has tried defining me,sometimes accepting my existence, sometimes declining to accept it, sometimes sadly demeaning it and more frequently nowadays using it for their own sake. They search for me high and low,when all the time I am residing in them,helping those who have realized it to live full lives and trying to make those who have not realized it ,see the truth.
I am GOD (isn’t,that what you humans have named me?)
Have a happy life.

(author's note:i decided to write this after realising i have had enough of writing sad stories for the time being.and the idea formed in my head after having a conversation with a dear friend about astrology(i hope u recognise yourself,dear friend)it got me thinking about a fantasy story in which stars dont just sit in heavens,but walk the earth. remember..i told you,i have a thing with stars.
also,a recommendation,i have never known what to do where astrology was concerned. but i have never come across a well put explanation for it ,than what i have read in "the memoirs of a geisha".it is well worth a read.)


iceprincess said...

sam sam,atreyi just decided to grant you ur wish.
thanks 4 being there all throughout and keeping me well fed with and also verbally.
this one is for u...

Anonymous said...

1 wish for me too... i was nice and omnipresent too ok? :D ... kk

sam said...

sheesh....ur being so nice now i have to admit i had a vested interest...a well fed tummy means a happy productive mind.....n that means more good stuff for me to read. :P

all god wanted us to do was wish well n the idiots that we r we made it into a wishing well where we wish for all the wrong things....

iceprincess said...

yeaa..pestman!!though on gunpoint...still..u were right there with all ur slapstick comments....omniprestent potent kk...

Anonymous said...

guns are no good under water... wat u need are cannons ;) haha

iceprincess said...

well..i have tentacles...and a lot of underwater minions..(as stated by a minion himself)...i dont need nethn else for you...

iceprincess said...

samsam...good one..abt d wishing well
but..i dont know what god expects..but i so do want my kids and feel that their mom/grandmom atleast had good thoughts..if nuthn else...and a thru and thru sinner that i am...i needed to do smethng like this...

kinshuk said...


thank you for successfully restoring my faith in wishes... i shall now get back to atreyi.... who will definately curse you for spilling the beans!!

iceprincess said...

thank u,kinshuk......
somehow i feel she wld be glad that ppl know what to do ..makes her work easier.....

arshat.chaudhary said...

excellento! I thought I knew where the story was going in the beginning, but it was so much better than I expected. The ending is lovely.
Amazing story girl, read it at one go..
I hope I get to catch stardust sometime.

iceprincess said...

thank u was after all an idea which stemmed from a conversation with you...

Dibzzi said...

Loved the story,how about granting me a wish with few more stories!

iceprincess said...

i will do my best...divya....
but i am not atreyi...

Dibzzi said...

U need not b Atreyi!u r great being Ice Princess!:)

kruti said...

Marvelous and beautiful….i loved the way you have portrayed the story and ending is the best….god bless you dear keep up the good work….truly amazing...