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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the grinch who stole my holi....

sheesh....i feel so miserable.....and disgruntled ...and unhappy.....and on an automaton....
well..someone ask me why?
even if no one is interested ..i am going to elaborate.....
it is holi....(no..i am not sad because of that),

it is my study holidays..i still wonder about the etymology of the term"study"and "holiday" donot go together ,do they? :P
back to my grumblings.....
i am disgruntled because it is holi and i am studying about osteoporosis. sheesh...dont i feel old already without reading about bone and joint pain...and to top it all i feel all mean and lean(no..i donot feel lean..i never do..damn) and donot care if some people are susceptible to fractures or not(that is what this disorder is all about)..bigdeal..people are always falling somewhere and breaking something...let that be a heart,a screw lost or a bone broken or a skull cracked open.
i am grumbling because my days are filled with latin and greek names of diseases and it scares me to think hard it is just to be born normal..and if you are born so called normal..see how you turn this point i look at the mirror and shake my head ruefully....
i am irritated because the past few days..all i can hear is "tujhme rab diktha hain" and"guzaarish" blaring from loudspeakers all around me at all is really funny especially when you are studying something like "rabies" and "patau syndrome".
and if i am not irritated enough with myself for not enjoying these so called supersongs..i get songs with lyrics like,

"kombadi pallali, tangdi dharoon, langdi galaayala lagli."
(that actually makes me think of a fat hen,trying to play hopscotch!!!)
(rough translation:the hen ran,held its leg and started hopping...)

and there is also some song with super chauvinistic lyrics sung by some lady in a pouting manner...which goes something like..

"tere ghar mein bhartan shartan maanjti hun main......"
and no..she is not his kaamwaali lady..she is his so called lover!!!!!
(rough translation:i wash utensils vutensils in your house...)

whatever....when i fume over all this...i hate the exams for taking away my sense of humour...
yeaa....let me make a special mention of the so called netas who run our"dimaagcraaazzzzyyyy"(read:democracy)..thanks to their intense desire to serve the country by hogging up the immense resource of finance (read honest sweat drenched finance of aamaadmi)...they have honoured us students by spoiling our vacation plans by conducting an election. well,my heartfelt gratitude to them.
sigh..i wish i could stop this cribbing cycle. but i really cannot....
as i wash off the colours some aunties splashed on me because i am sitting at home and playing spoilsport , i really wish all my friends were not working or not old enough..or not cynical (read :me) that all of us forget how much fun it just howl ,shout and drench ourselves with the colours of holi. now,the only drenching i get,apart from once in a while when i have a bath, is when i wash,while washing them,i splashed a bit more of water on myself to get the feel of "holi."
well,my brother feels that i have just grown old...
when i look at the mirror and see the notes of rheumatoid arthritis in my hand..i just about believe him.
and brother!!! i have so threatened him that i will not make him "maggie"if he doesnt bring me "samosas" from wherever he goes to eat after holi!! now am so sure he will bring extra jalebis too..coz he is scared that i wont indulge him with food!! "slurp"
an mom..well...she behaves as if this is all normal and this is how i usually am..
makes me wonder what sort of a person i am!
back to the grinch who stole my holi.....apart from contenders like politicians,exams,election, osteoporosis,rabies,etc......i just feel that it is me.
now when i look at the mirror..i feel i have grown a shade greener....:(

HAPPY HOLI ,people!

ice -grinch -ess


sam said...

hahahahaha.....of all the songs in the world.....aye hiphopper????? no wonder u feel so bad. :P
btw...if it makes u feel ne better.....i studied mumps and amoebic dysentry!!!!


kk said...

hehe... im surprised how u didnt elaborate on the chemcically toxic compounds prezent in them colors :D .. how it might affect ur suave hair wen some pink n green nest in ur hair, unwashable after a week.. haha... its ok, study holiday mayb an oxymoron, that doesnt mean u dont hav to hav fun rite?.. so go attack them utensils wid a sense of seapony humor.. play s skit with them.. whr the largest utensil is threatenin to take over ur underwater domain.. and the spoons n forks r its minions.. and all uv got on ur side are ur faithful ladles and paper napkins :D ;)

arshat.chaudhary said...

"it is my study holidays..i still wonder about the etymology of the term"study"and "holiday" donot go together ,do they? :P"
hehehe.. good one. That is why we enggs call it-Preparatory Leave or PL (yeah, we dont wanna give our parents the wrong idea).
I understand what you are going thru, look at the good side.. u can now crib on the web!- the number uno reason why I started to blog :P

iceprincess said...

:)..thanks for telling me abt the song!!!
phew..i know what to keep away from..
thank u and same to u..sam sam...
as 4 dysentry...u shld study it b4 u go 4 a feast!

iceprincess said...

kk...for once..i looovvveed ur comment...
makes sense...

iceprincess said...

yeeaa...arshat!!!i can never thank u enough for getting me into blogging!!
and as 4 PL...i dont know abt engineers..but i sure know one who is smart!