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Thursday, March 12, 2009

in the realm between the conscious and the subconscious....

well,the misery continues....after the attack of grinches and mind numbing songs..("tujhme rabies dikhtha hain....."),it is the turn of physical aches....*groan**..i was down with a horrible headache(no surprise there...i do have a head,though an empty one..i think...).now the thing with my headaches are this..they bring along nausea..then i dont feel like eating...then my stomach pains...which seems to amplify my headache...a vicious circle..i must say...well,let me also tell you,i absolutely HATE physical ailments(i know,hardly anyone who does).but,it really irritates me when my capacity to do work is snatched what if my work includes whiling my time away..i cant just sit and feel that clock ticking away...tick..tick...nerve racking!!well,so here i was,bedridden,in absolute pain and tried thinking ..sedating things..stuff that relax me...that make me drowsy..but,the pain really wasnt allowing me to sleep. well,there is this state you reach at times when in intense pain and discomfort you try to alter your conscious to ignore the this state,you are neither asleep nor know what you are seeing are just dreams,sights, can also hear yourself think in this realm.

well,trying to outrun my pain and nausea i reached is what it was.....the italics are my thoughts in conscious and the other is my phantom realm...

well,i am running through some dark,malevolent is really scary ..but i cant describe is me..running behind something( isn't it supposed to be the other way around? i movies someone always chases the heroine.)
it is me,because i can see a mop of curly hair and scrawny legs!!!!(scrawny!!!hold on..i am a kid in this scene.i was never scrawny in any other phase of my life. and what am i doing running in the woods at night,where is my mom?!! MOM,your daughter is not in bed!!!!)
yeaa..i used to look like a broom when i was a kid,thin ,scrawny and a curly ambition was to be a witch's broom..i was ambitious ,yeaaa..who wants to be a jaadupataa broom in someone's house? thank you.

well,back to the dark woods,well,it seems i am running behind an animal,screaming that it is mine!(what the hell?!!)yeaa.. i see it now,in a flash of silvery moonlight i see green eyes...i see my WOLF!!it is mine,(well,i am howling like a banshee stating it is mine). and then just as it appeared the scene ended with the wolf jumping into some mudpit and disappearing.

then i am in some medieval castle,in a lovely gown..(wooo..let me tell you it is of the deepest amber you will ever see...and feels like satin..ok ok..i am stopping!!)back to the scene. i am older now,longer hair and still thin(i am always thin in my dreams).well, a witch is coming in through the door now,to read my fortune and tell me how to find my everlasting love.

"nice dress,lady,"she cackled,"though the dress could have had better choice,why did it choose you,you ruin it."

(well,even witches have no manner these days,well,even they wear rags ,dont they?and that hat, if they are gonna poke someone with it..ok..i stop again.)

"shut up,ms.bitch...i mean ms.witch,out with your prophecy and get outta here." thats me in red dress.

"ok,lady,on the next full moon night,you will see him for yourself in the woods."

"who?my eternal lover?"i croon.....

" actually want eternity?no one actually does that nowadays?a few days are all they last."she cackled.(wise lady.)

"no..i want my lover for eternity"(dumb lady)

"so be it" and ms.witch disappears.

now,full moon night, me running through the woods again..hurtling away at some speed,brushing away foliage ..and i am in my.....eeeekkkk...NIGHTGOWN!!(what is wrong with the fashion sense of my brain.knock knock..i am gonna meet my lover!i cant expect him to fall for me when i look like a street urchin!!! is someone even listening?!!)

i spot someone,and i quickly hide behind a shrub(i am thin,remember?) with bated breath i wait for my lover to be revealed...he turns and i see my ...GARDENER!!(i mean like,what the hell...yeaa.i like my maali uncle,he has known me from the times i used to wear nappies,but i dont think his wife,kids and grandkids would adjust to the fact that i want to marry him!!)

dejected,i look closely,he is digging something in the woods,(maybe,this is some detective film,i am unearthing the villain burying a body!!wait..lets see)

well,dig,dig dig...and suddenly like some illusion,i see green light everywhere and whoa..someone is emerging from the pit,(my hero?)..he has a cloak and is pale as moonlight...he is looking straight at me behind the bush ..he has the greenest eyes i have ever he is a VAMPIRE!!! and he so looks like GERARD BUTLER(well,i am not surprised,i just saw so many of his movies starting with "Dracula 2000","dear Frankie","p.s.i love you","butterfly on a wheel","beowulf and grendel" yeea it is my study leave..:P
no..i haven't seen 300..i so want to see it,he is in a skirt!!!!wooo..i so wanna see it.he is sssooooo handsome!!!!
i always had a thing for Irish and Scottish men..Pierce Brosnan,Sean Connery,Christian Bale
and i think English Catherine Zeta Jones is better than exotic Angelina Jolie....and how can i forget U2? AND...
..SHUT UP!!!
find out what happens next.)

yea...i am dumbstruck as my wolfman comes towards me and i hear maali uncle say"feast my lord!"( that why you allowed me to play in your lap,with your plants,so that you can sacrifice me..:( )
i want eternity..but not like this...where is the romance...he wants my blood....
he picks me up by my collar and is searching my jugular to inject his teeth....when...

SLAMBANG!!!i so wanna puke.........i get out of the dream and run toward the bathroom.
well,after all this and feeling much better that i am now,i just feel that absolute misery,mind dumbing.. errr ...i mean mind numbing pain and utmost discomfort can actually be entertainment after the ordeal is over.

so moral of the story is.....studies are a let us get them over and done (read:puke) with.

HAPPY STUDYING !(esp to sam sam and kk)


kk said...

well... my mind's throat ran dry... i srsly cannot find words to comment on the above.. all i can muster up is.. 'if u playacted with ur paper 1 and 2 charatcers :D.. we'l c a repeat of tybsc... viz, toppa pony! :D

sam said...

all this to just induce sleep. daaarrrrrlinnngg.....u should have just opened the notes on cataloguing.....u dont even have to read it.

sam said...

on a more serious note......stupid witch!! what does she know about gowns. i'm sure u looked gorgeous ;)

iceprincess said...

i wish i cld study..kk...

iceprincess said...

:)..i was to weak even to think abt it,sam!
and thank u..4 being my staunch supporter!!

Anonymous said...

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- David